Pastoral Care @ CRC

Pastoral Care @ CRC

At CRC we encourage everyone to be part of a church family that cares for each other – “Love one another genuinely” 1 Peter 1:22. If you have an issue that requires attention, then please seek help through one of the following.

Three Trusted Friends.

Do you have at least 3 friends that you could ring at three in the morning? We believe in discipleship and that means being committed to one another. Being a church member involves having close relationships with a few other members for encouragement, support, and accountability.

Connect Group.

Similar to the first item. We encourage everyone to be part of a smaller group or ministry team within CRC where relationships are developed, built up and mutual care and support happens naturally.

Prayer Chain.

A prayer chain email is sent out to many in the church who will pray for intervention in the situation. If there is an emergency, within a very short time, members of the church can be alerted and be praying. We seek to maintain confidentiality where appropriate and don’t want to overload the prayer chain with requests that could be better met through some other means. Please note that email, which is how the prayer chain operates, is not an appropriate way to announce sudden deaths or relationship break up issues. Telephone an Elder first please.

Pastoral Care Team.

We have a team that seeks to be a resource unit for pastoral care. The team will seek to help you and quickly bring together resources or provide contacts to help church members in need. They will provide support for those struggling with issues & situations and for those who are supporting them. Pastoral Care Team.

Elders & Wives.

One of the primary roles of the elders is to “Shepherd the flock”. There will always be an elder available (or where appropriate an Elder and his wife.) to help and pray for church members in need.

A Professional.

There are situations where a health professional, e.g. GP or counsellor or may be better equipped to help you. The Elders and Care Team have contact details of a number of reputable counsellors they can refer you to.

If you require support or help please contact, or call 094350921, or call one of the Elders and we’ll put you in touch with someone to help.