Looking to make Clark Road Chapel Your Home Church?

Looking to make Clark Road Chapel Your Home Church?

Kia ora,

Thanks for checking us out. The Bible says that Christians are like living stones being built together into a holy temple indwelt by the Lord, with Jesus Christ as the cornerstone (1 Peter 2:4-6). May you discern the Lord’s guidance as to which local fellowship you should be built into and contribute to. Here is some advice as you look for a church home:
*The most important dynamics a church are truth and love. Consider: What place does the word of God have in this church? Is the word taught faithfully and do the people seek to obey? Do they genuinely love the Lord, one another and the lost?
*Don’t unduly prolong the “church selection” process. You won’t find a perfect church. You need to settle down somewhere, make good relational connections, join a Connect Group and contribute to congregational life.
*Don’t just look at what you can get out of a church; consider what you can put into the church and where you can serve.

Wherever you are at in your spiritual journey, we want to help you get to know Jesus better. Here at Clark Road Chapel we are all about “connecting the unconnected to Christ and together growing up in Him”. Real life (what the Bible calls “eternal life”) is all about connection to Christ; being “in” Him. This is a community project (rather than a mere individual pursuit) and we aim to be a loving community that encourages each of our members to grow more and more into the likeness of the character of Jesus Christ. As you will see, we do not have a long list of requirements for membership and you are welcome at our services whether or not you become a member.

Our website offers a summary of information about our church, but nothing beats participating in our Sunday services, a Connect Group and one or more of our ministries that operate during the week. The real mission of our church happens “out there” beyond the church building, seven days a week as our people shine the light of God into the spheres they work and live and relate in.

If you would like to have a chat about our church or any aspect of life, don’t hesitate to introduce yourself to me or any of our folk.

Kind regards,

Andrew Clemow
on behalf of Clark Rd Chapel.

What do I do if I’m interested in joining?

If you want to become a member of CRC please provide us with your full contact information by emailing us. If you provide us with your email address you will (unless you request otherwise) receive emails about what is happening at CRC. All personal contact information you give us is only shared within our church directory.

We also have a Facebook account and you will be able to find it by searching “Clark Road Chapel”.

Our office is generally open during the week by phone but  Monday & Thursday is when our full admin team are available. The best form of contact is via email.
We provide a Contact Directory when you have indicated that you would like to make CRC your home church. This Directory contains contact details for our regular attenders and ministry leaders and more information on who we are as a church.

For elders contact details please click here