In Church Children’s Ministries

In Church Children’s Ministries

CRC Children’s Ministry


Our programme for preschool-aged children. The aim is to encourage them to be happy in this group without their parents being there.
We have morning Tea with the KidZone group and singing and then break off into our own room for some more singing, bible time, make/do time and free play.
We do understand that learning to leave a parent takes time and you are more than welcome to stay and join in.
Please pick up your child (ren) from this group when church finishes.


Our programme for primary school-aged children.  The aim is to not only grow our children’s knowledge of the bible and who God is but also to talk about how God wants us to use this knowledge to change the way we think and act.

We learn bible verses, play games, read God’s word, spend time in small groups and pray together.