How does leadership work at CRC?
The senior pastor (or head) of our church is Jesus Christ. Under him, a team of elders govern the church, with the word of God being the authority for the patterns and commands for the church. One of the elders (Andrew Clemow) works full-time for the church with a focus on leadership development, pastoral care, preaching & teaching and administration.

What do you have in place for children on a Sunday?
If you have a baby/toddler you are welcome to sit out in our lounge area. There will be a range of toys available. We have 3 programmes running through the morning:
3zzzz’s – For 3-5 year olds at 10:30am. We have helpers that will run activities.
Kidszone – For Primary School aged children at 10:30am. They will have a programme involving morning tea, singing, teaching and with some follow up activities.
Intermediate Class – They meet at 11am. This consists of some serious Bible study.
Teenagers are asked to stay in for our normal teaching programme.
An alternative holiday programme is put in place for term holidays.

How do I know my children are safe at CRC?
As a church we take the protection of children and those working with them very seriously. Our Ministry teams have been shown how to stay safe around children and we actively review this. All adults have been police vetted who are in positions in charge of children or are in positions of leadership at CRC.

What happens on a Sunday morning?                                                                   This is the high point of the week, when we come together as a whole fellowship to praise God, to celebrate communion and to rejoice in his word taught and preached.
A typical Sunday morning service at CRC starts with worship in song. We aim for a blend of the ancient (great hymns that have been loved by God’s people for more than a century); the tried and true, and the modern. The focus in this time is on exalting the Lord rather than on performance – although our musicians do an excellent job and practice diligently.
Usually there will be some “church family” communications and celebrations in this time such as birthday commemorations, prayers and notices (which we try to keep brief). There may be times of “open worship” where anyone can pray or share a passage of Scripture or word of testimony for the encouragement of all.
At approximately 10:45am we take the Lord’s supper (communion). With rare exceptions, this happens every week. Participation is open to everyone who examines themselves, repents of sin and recognises the significance of Jesus’ body and blood.
After communion, we continue our worship by the preaching of the word of God. Generally, we go through a Bible book consecutively, section by section, expounding the meaning of the text and exhorting life application.
All these elements can be rearranged according to the season of church life we are in and the leadership of the Spirit, but the above is a general guide as to what to expect.
Teaching of the children takes place downstairs (Kidzone for primary school aged children and Minizone for the under 5’s). The worship leader tells you when to take your kids downstairs. An intermediate school (Interzone) aged children is taught upstairs as the sermon begins.

How do you do Communion?
Communion is held every Sunday. Bread & wine are taken every Sunday normally before the sermon, but this timing can vary from week to week. Small cups of grape juice, and cubes of bread (the bread is gluten free, dairy free and soy free) are passed through the rows.

How do I join CRC?
If you would like for CRC to be your Home Church, just let one of the elders know of this commitment. Our desire is for each member to be part of a Connect Group as well as to be involved in a ministry in some way. When you become a member we like to introduce you to the congregation by getting you to stand up briefly doing one of our Sunday services.

How do give financially to CRC?
Electronic giving is a great help to us. Our bank account number is: 01-0495-0001442-00. Another option is for your offering to be put into a collection bag we circulate during our Sunday services. To obtain a private giving number or for any other church finance-related questions, please contact our accounts administrator Richard Booth [finance@clarkroadchapel.nz]. Your privacy and confidentiality are respected.

Where do I park?
On Sundays, we have a special agreement allowing us to park anywhere outside the businesses along Clark Road. We leave parking around the building for our older folk.
You may drop your family off at the front door and drive around behind the back of church and out again to find a car park. Please keep the driveway clear for drop offs & emergencies.